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Mindfulness and The Education Factory

Mindfulness and the Education Factory The word education comes from the Latin educare – to lead out, and the best education systems lead us out of ourselves. Sadly, very few of us experience the best education systems. Schools and universities

Mindfulness Teaching Post at Cambridge University

Exciting opportunity for a mindfulness teacher to join Cambridge University  Mindfulness teaching staff on a teacher training pathway to deliver mindfulness to students. Please contact Dr. Elizabeth English, D.Phil (Oxon) Mindfulness Practitioner Cambridge University Email: Tel: +44 (0)1223 429926 or Mobile: (07811)

Exams coming up? Feeling under pressure? Try this Two minute stress buster

Are you revising, feeling stressed out and under pressure with exams coming up ? Did you know that taking a mindful moment can help you concentrate and focus , it will also strengthen your immune system and helps to switch

learn without fear!

Going to University can be both daunting and exciting. Entering a new academic year also brings new challenges. Students do there best and enjoy the experience if their stress levels are manageable. We know that some stress or anxiety is

TOP TIPS for student wellbeing


Resources from recent Symposium on Mindfulness in HE

Forty of us gathered at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre for a symposium on Mindfulness in Higher Education on 25th April. The day was divided into two parts  focusing on the research and theory behind introducing mindfulness into Higher Education and

Mindfulness for study – article on mindfulness specifically for helping people with dyslexia and adhd

Karisa Krcmar from Loughborough university has developed a a unique Mindfulness for Study programme for students at Loughborough University who have specific learning differences such as dyslexia and adhd.  They have presented and published about this programme in a variety

Mindfulness in Higher Education Symposium, Oxford Mindfulness Centre

  We have now run 4 very successful one day symposiums held at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre and in London. The events were led and facilitated  by Ariana Faris, Chris Cullen, Steven Stanley and Kate Malleson and in the last three

Mindfulness and Stress Reduction

Jon Kabat zinn discuss the case for mindfulness and stress reduction, how mindfulness can help build resilience and tools to deal with the challenges that arise in life: ill health, work pressure, stress and anxiety, etc. “Mindfulness gives me the