Resources for students


Full Catastrophe Living: How to cope with stress, pain and illness using mindfulness meditation
A Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Workbook [With CD (Audio)]
The Mindful Way Through Depression: Freeing Yourself from Chronic Unhappiness (includes Guided Meditation Practices CD)
The Mindful Manifesto: How doing less and noticing more can help us thrive in a stressed-out world
Coming To Our Senses: Healing Ourselves and the World Through Mindfulness
Mindfulness: A practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world

CDs and guided meditations

Try these guided meditations to get started. If possible include one of the meditations into your day, everyday. This helps to cultivate and develop attention, focus and concentration as well as the ability to disengage from worrying and anxious thoughts or from trying to “solve” the way we are feeling by overthinking and analysing. This is a non doing, non fixing approach to the stresses of everyday student life which at first may feel counterintuitive – but give it a go and see for yourself!!

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