Exams coming up? Feeling under pressure? Try this Two minute stress buster


Are you revising, feeling stressed out and under pressure with exams coming up ? Did you know that taking a mindful moment can help you concentrate and focus , it will also strengthen your immune system and helps to switch your nervous system out of flight/fight mode and into a relaxed aware state…

Try this short stress buster
5 senses drill
1. Pause what you are doing for a moment and take one or two deep breaths to help bring you into the present moment.
2. Look around you, and silently name three things that you see in your immediate vicinity
2. Now opening to the sounds around you , silently note and name three things that you can hear right now
3. Bringing your attention to your body, silently name three sensations that you can feel in this moment ( maybe warmth, tingling, contraction, coolness….. .)
4. Bringing your attention to smell and taste , what do you notice in your immediate awareness when you bring your attention to these senses- lightly name what you experience.
5. Take one or two breaths to finish this mindfulness exercise.

Repeat this exercise every now and then to deliberately bring your awareness to what is happening in the present moment and to build  your resilience to deal with exam anxiety and general pressures around this time of the academic year by cultivating mindfulness in this way.

If there are no courses at your university or college…

If you do not have a mindfulness course available at your university or college you might want to get started with the help of the guided meditations and resources available on this site (see the links above)and check out some of the sample practices for yourself.

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