Free audio guided practices

Free guided audio mindfulness meditations for you to practice, from our SoundCloud channel.

Three minute Breathing space

Creating a pause in the business of the day when we are continually in a mode of “doing”, and stepping into just “being” for a few minutes, connecting with what is actually happening in the here and now of the present moment.

Mindfulness of body, breath, sound and thought

A short practice in which you move the mind through the body to a focus on the breath and then sound before observing your thoughts.

Balance and stability: the mountain meditation

This meditation cultivates a mountain- like stillness, stability and calm from which we can observe the changing mental states coming and going , like the changing weather patterns in the sky around the mountain. We as the mountain remain stable and rooted no matter what the weather.

Working skilfully with difficult emotions: a guest house meditation

If you would like to try further mindfulness practices including body scan and body scan for sleep then go to  more audio guided practices you can also find mindfulness practices on apps . Here are some links

Headspace : this app takes you through an online mindfulness course

Mindfulness App: this lets you manage your own practice from 3 minute breathing spaces to silent practice with bells or guided meditations

Mindfulness App II which includes bodyscans

If there are no courses at your university or college…

If you do not have a mindfulness course available at your university or college you might want to get started with the help of the guided meditations and resources available on this site (see the links above)and check out some of the sample practices for yourself.

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