Getting started

If you are interested in hearing more about mindfulness and its relevance for stress reduction, managing moods and improving well-being, the videos below might be a good way to start. The first video clip will give you an opportunity to experience a taste of mindfulness, guided by Jon Kabat Zinn.

The talks are given by some of the leaders in the field that describe what mindfulness is and how it can improve our wellbeing. You might also find  it helpful to try some of the free guided meditations. Doing a regular small practice everyday will begin to cultivate mindfulness: the ability to intentionally bring awareness to  the present moment without judgement. Over time you may notice that you feel that you are able to respond rather than react to situations that come up on a daily basis and  you may experience a greater sense of ease and calm.


A Taster: mindfulness practice with Jon Kabat Zinn
What meditation really is – a short talk
‘Change your mind change your brain’ – Google talk with with Mathieu Ricard
If there are no courses at your university or college…

If you do not have a mindfulness course available at your university or college you might want to get started with the help of the guided meditations and resources available on this site (see the links above)and check out some of the sample practices for yourself.

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