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People often look back at their time at university  or college as the best years of their life. They often forget that being a student can be really tough. And today students are under more pressure than ever before.

No matter what you’re studying, it’s guaranteed that at some points during your course, whether undergraduate or postgraduate, like when writing papers, performing on stage or preparing for exams, you will need high levels of cognitive control, emotional regulation and self-awareness.


And ironically it’s often striving so hard for those things that makes them harder to attain.

Simple tools that are proven to work

Mindfulness training for students gives you tools to help you remain calm, sustain your attention, and be able to focus.

It does this by helping you to pay attention to the present moment through simple breathing and meditation practices which increase awareness of thoughts and feelings so as to reduce stress and anxiety and boost levels of attention and concentration.

Sounds like New Age mumbo-jumbo? It isn’t. There’s a growing body of empirical evidence showing that it is measurably effective. Have a look what some British students have said about their training. More and more universities are offering mindfulness training to their students as part of their well being or counselling services.

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The single most important thing you can do for stress –
this video explains what approaches can help
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If you want to try some of the techniques yourself, we’ve put some sample exercises on this site:

We hope you find them useful.

Below are some links to research and evidence about the benefits of mindfulness for students


The Science behind Mindfulness and its power to change the brain:


Mindfulness and the body

Interventions to reduce stress in university students

Mindfulness-based stress reduction training is associated with greater empathy and reduced anxiety for graduate healthcare students

Mindfulness Training Improves Working Memory Capacity and GRE Performance While Reducing Mind Wandering

If there are no courses at your university or college…

If you do not have a mindfulness course available at your university or college you might want to get started with the help of the guided meditations and resources available on this site (see the links above)and check out some of the sample practices for yourself.

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